How to choose a thesis topic?

How to choose a thesis topic?

Choosing a thesis topic

Thesis should have a holistic, logical, reasoned character, contain an analysis of the research problem, real sound proposals for solving the problem. The topic of the thesis should reflect the problematic areas of activities and basic functions, as well as typical tasks of the activities that form the professional competence of the student. The topic of the thesis should also be relevant, have theoretical and practical importance, meet the modern development of science and practice. The same rule applies to coursework.

Choosing the theme of the graduation project, you should take into account some universal rules: the topic should be narrow enough to be able to consider it more or less fully within the work of a relatively small volume, but it should be important enough for the researcher to pay attention to. The topic should be chosen within its own competence. It must be remembered that the themes are different in complexity. There are topics that have been sufficiently studied, but there are also those whose study will require considerable effort and time-consuming. After selecting a topic, an analysis of the state of development of the outlined problem by modern science is performed.

As a rule, a student chooses a topic that has been proposed by an educational institution or directly by the department, but it is also possible to suggest a topic independently and coordinate it with your academic advisor. For example, when choosing a topic as a financial student, the name of a topic should be related to one of the professional branches of this specialty, such as: financial analysis, organization of financial activity, financial planning, profit management, etc. The topic should guide the student to develop and justification of proposals for improving the existing situation of a business entity (“Strategic management of a commercial bank’s activities”, “Operational financial planning of a commercial organization and ways to improve it ”,“ Financial rehabilitation of an insolvent organization ”).

Theme example of the thesis

The main areas of research during graduate design in the specialty “Transport Systems” are:

  • forecasting the development of transport systems
  • logistics systems design
  • methods for determining the effectiveness of the integration of international transport systems

forecasting and economic justification of the prospects for the introduction of technological innovations in transport terminals.

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